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I am a Qatari self-taught artist that specialized in palette knife oil paint. My journey as an artist started when I was very young. I remember spending hours drawing random things, mixing colors, painting and much more. There was a time in my life where I had stopped due to all the chores and distractions of daily life. In 2019, I started taking small steps and slowly revive my passion to paint again.

With all the support and encouragement I got from my family & beloved ones, in 2021 I decided to take an extra step forward by publishing my work to the world, started to sell my original paintings & this is when I decided to have an in-depth view of my work and took a step ahead in building my own art brand.

Painting has always allowed me to express myself further & has also proven to me that creativity was not limited to just one form of art. I’m not just creating artwork, but also learning a lot about my inner self, my emotions, personality and what drives me as a person. Each painting I make, each color I choose is a reflection of who I am. For me, painting is not just a hobby but also a source of joy.

Thick oil paint became something that took me by surprise and made me admire it more. There are no limits to the creative boundaries that can be explored with this style of painting. One of the things that I love about working with palette knives is the amount of control that I have over the paint, allowing me to manipulate and blend the colors in unique, satisfying and interesting ways. This technique has opened up a new world of possibilities in my own journey.

While I am proud of my achievements as an artist, I am always looking for new ways to grow and develop my skills. I believe that learning is a lifelong process, and I am constantly seeking out new challenges and opportunities to expand my knowledge and abilities, without any limitations or judgement, as I truly believe there is no right or wrong way, and that everyone is an artist in their own way. Which is the reason to why I wish to share this experience with you!

Maisaa Al Mannai


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